A bit


nice to meet you!

I live with my partner Charlotte, my 2 cats and furry fluff ball of a dog Ragnar AKA Rags – Vikings fans might see the resemblance.

You’ll often find me on muddy dog walks, talking to trees (I do get some funny looks but hey-ho I’m all about embracing our weirdness!) or getting the kettle on for that ninth brew of the day!

When I’m not shooting weddings or picking up dog poo, I love to go on my travels or watching a good old series – the more obscure the better, Twin Peaks anyone?

I’ve had many jobs in the past – from Kombucha breweries to SEN schools, all have richly contributed to my life in one way or another. But nothing has given me as much satisfaction as photography. To be able to capture such significant moments in people’s lives is such a privilege, nothing really compares.

I live for photography

Ask my misses, she’s been subject to thousands of my photos over the years we’ve been together! I truly feel that my passion is being fulfilled every time I pick up my camera – life never presents itself in the same way twice – and that’s what I find so fascinating and magical about this wonderful art form.

I see my role as a photographer as that of an observer. I don’t intrude or direct – whether that’s at a wedding or on the street, I capture whatever presents itself to me – this is where the magic lies.